Public Sculpture:

2014: “La Diva 2”, 12” x 4” x 5”, Krazl Art Center, St. Joseph, MI

2014: “Circus Strong Lady”, Bridgeport Art Center

2012-2014: “Here” Stainless Steel, 14” x 4” x 8”, Chicago Sculpture Walk; Lincoln Park West and Dickens; Chicago, Illinois – Sculpture in the Park, Mt. St. Mary, St. Charles, IL

2014-2016: “Flamenco” 11” x 4.5” x 8.5”, Columbus, Indiana — Indiana Sculpture Biannual, Columbus Area Arts Council, Columbus, Indiana.

2014-2016: “Celebrate”, 21” x 10” x 8” Sculptfusion exhibition in Michigan City, Indiana

2013-2014: “Celebrate”, Located on Wells and Burton in Chicago, Illinois (until May 29th, 2014)

Sept. 2013 to Sept. 2014: “Flappers” and “La Diva 1” at Purdue University, North Central Sculpture Garden, West Lafayette, Indiana

2012-2014: “Flamenco Revisited” 21” x 8” x 8 “, stainless steel; 23rd International Sculpture Center Conference in Chicago; Located on the East side of Lake Shore Drive by the Buckingham Fountain – Sculpture on the Boulevard Independence Blvd & Roosevelt Rd – 2014-2016, Public Art Leaguge, Champaigne, Urbana

2012: “ Flamenco”, Valparaiso, Michigan

2011 – 2014: “Whirling Dervish”, Cardinal Stritch University Sculpture Garden;

2011 – 2014: “Diva 3” Cardinal Stritch University Sculpture Garden

2013-2015: “Flappers”12” x 13” x 8 “, steel, Art Chicago, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, tall red steel sculpture on Orleans St. by the Mart/2010 — Purdue University, Westfield, Indiana

2010 “Flamenco” Part of Chicago Sculpture International, located on Franklin Blvd and Sacramento

2011: “Flamenco” Frankenmuth Michigan

2011 “La Diva Moving” Edina, MN

2011: “Whirling Dervish”, Cardinal Stritch University Sculpture Garden;

2011: “Diva 3” Cardinal Stritch University Sculpture Garden

2011: “Flappers” Art Chicago, Merchandize Mart, Chicago Illinois

2011 “Flamenco” Frankenmuse, Michigan

2011: “Diva Walking” Edina, Minnesota.

2011: “Diva 1” Chicago Sculpture International Exhibit, FranklinBlv./ Sacramento; Chicago Illinois

2009-2010 Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit/ 3 12’ Red steel sculpture located on the west side of Southport from Roscoe to Addison

2010: “Flamenco” Art Chicago, Merchandize Mart, Chicago Illinois.

2010 -2011“Whirling Dervish”, Art Prize, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Museum Collections:

2011: Krannert Museum of Art; “Dana Revisited”, 1962; Oil on Linen

2010: Koehnline Museum of Art; DesPlaines, Illinois; “Amazons”, Bronze, 8’x3’x3’

2009: Koehnline Museum of Art, , Skokie, Illinois, Branch; “Juno”, Bronze, 6’5”x3’x3’>

2010: Koehnline Museum of Art, “Red Dancers”, Steel, 44”x20”x35”


 117 BLUE GOWN 23” X 21” X 17”

National One Person Exhibits:

1996 University of Illinois, Springfield, Springfield, IL

1992 Virginia Lust Gallery, New York, NY

1986 Elaine Starkman Gallery, New York, NY

1978 Veridian Gallery, New York, NY

1964 Tacoma Museum, Tacoma, WA (one person show)

1956 University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR

National Invitational Exhibits:

2010 Sculpture Invasion; Chicago Sculpture International, Koehnline Museum of Art

1995 Two Person Exhibit, University of Illinois-Springfield, Springfield, IL

1991 Wolf Gallery, Townsend, WA (group)

1985 Elaine Starkman Gallery, New York, NY (group)

1985 Viridian Gallery, Alumni Show, New York, NY (group)

1965 Honomura Gallery, Detroit, MI (group)

1964 Tacoma Museum, Tacoma, WA (group)

1963 Henry Gallery, Seattle, WA, traveling show (group)

1962 American Gallery, New York, NY (group)

National Group Exhibits:

1986 Rockford Art Museum, Fetish Exhibit, Rockford, IL

1985 Albright Knox Gallery, Buffalo, NY

1979 Springfield Art Association, Women in Art, Springfield, IL

1964 Tacoma Museum, Tacoma, WA (group show)

Chicago Area One Person Exhibits:

2003 Foundry Art Metal Art Gallery, Chicago, IL

2004 Foundry Art Metal Art Gallery, Chicago, IL

1978 Weighardt Gallery, Evanston Arts Center, Evanston, IL (one person)

1975 Pamplemousse Gallery, Chicago, IL

1974 Michael Wyman Gallery, Chicago, IL

1966 Adelle Rosenberg Gallery, Chicago, IL

1962 Adelle Rosenberg Gallery, Chicago, IL

1961 Women’s Club Exhibit, Glencoe Library, Glencoe, IL

1961 Michelini’s Gallery, Evanston, IL

Chicago Exhibits by Competition:

2012 6 to the 3,CSI at Expo Chicago.

2012 6 to the 3; Lill St. Gallery, Chicago, Illinois.

2012 My Secret Garden; Chicago, Illinois.

2012 “Little Sculpture Show”, 23ed International Sculpture Conference, Chicago, Illinois

2011 Koehnline Museum of Art, Call and Response; From Artemisia to Frida

2009 the Emotional Body, Woman MadeGallery, Chicago, Il.

2009 Raising Our Voices. Women’s Caucus Art, St. Louis, MO

2008 A Minyan Without Men, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL

2008 Annual Members’ Show, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago. IL

2008 The Women’s Museum, Dallas, Texas JWAN Exhibit at WCA

2007 Peter Jones Gallery CWCA/ Chicago Artist Month

2007 Peace Tower; Chicago Cultural Center/Mark di Suvero

2007 Sculpture Invasion; Koehnline Museum of Art; Oakton Community College in partnership with Chicago Sculpture International

2007-1964 Exhibition of Artist Members, Arts Club of Chicago

2006 Renaissance Court Gallery, Chicago Cultural Center

2004-05 Chicago Sculptors on the Move

2003 Foundry Metal art Gallery, 4 person exhibit

2003 Chicago Solution Show Gallery on the Lake

2003, 2001, 1999, 1998 Chicago Art Open.


National One Person Exhibits (continued):

2002 Beverly Art Center competition

1988 Beverly Art Center Competition.

1983 Beverly Art Center, Chicago, IL (group

1958, 1959, 1961, 1962, 1969, 1973, 1977 Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Vicinity Competition, Chicago, IL

1979 Springfield Art Association: “Women In Art,”

1969 Participating Artists of Chicago (group)

1968 Deer Path Art League Invitational, Lake Forest, IL (group

1964 Momentum, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL (group)

1964 Hyde Park Art Center, Black and White Exhibit (group)

1964 P.A.C. Participating Artists of Chicago, University of Chicago Circle. (group)

1960 Hyde Park Art Center; Fifth Annual Exhibit. (group)

1959 Hyde Park Art Center; Fourth Annual Competitive Exhibit (group)

1958 Decatur Art Center, Decatur, IL; 13th annual exhibit (group)

1957 Illinois State Fair, Springfield, IL; professional exhibit.

1957 Eighth Annual Christocentric Festival, Champaign, Il

Chicago Area Invitational Exhibits:

2011 Art Chicago; Flappers on Orleans st.

2011 Koehnline Museum of Art, Call and Response; From Artemesia to Frida

2011 University of Illinois / Urbana; Alumni Exhibit

2011 Art Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

2010 Sculpture Invasion; Chicago Sculpture International, Koehnline Museum of Art
2010 Art Prize, Grand Rapids, Michigan

2010 Art Chicago, Concurrent, Merchandize Mart, Chicago, Il.

2010 Chicago Sculpture International, Franklin Park Installation

2010 No Place Like Home, Koehnline Museum of Art, Des Plains, Illinois

2010 “Off Center” Chicago Women’s Art Caucus, , ARC Gallery

2010 Chicago Sculpture International. Garfield Park   Conservatory, Chicago, Il.

2011-1964   Exhibition of Artist Members, Arts Club of Chicago

2010 Sculpture Invasion 2010/Koehnline Museum

2009 Artrom Gallery, Women in the Arts, 6th place winner

2009 The Emotional Body, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Il.

2009 Raising Our Voices, Women’s Caucus  of Art, St. Louis,

2008 Annual Member’s Show, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

The Women’s Museum, Dallas , Texas, JWan Exhibit at WCA Conference

2008 PeaceTower; Chicago Cultural Center/ Mark De Suvero

2007  Chicago Sculpture International Exhibition, Koehnline Museum of Art

2004-05 Chicago Sculptors on the Move

2003 Foundry art Metal, 4 Person Exhibit

1995 “Corpus Mundi” Pangaea Gallery.

1995 “Her Name is Wild Woman” Pangaea Gallery.

1995-1964 Exhibition of Artist Members, Arts Club of Chicago.

1994 Chicago International Art Exposition — Lakeside Gallery Sculpture.

1994 10,000 Plus. Exhibition celebrating the opening of the Alumni Board Room, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

1993 Gallery 1633, Coyotte Walk.

1985 “Labrynth,” Arc Gallery, Artist’s Discussion Group

1983 Chicago Artists; Continuity and Change.

1983 Hyde Park Art Center. (five person)

1980 Chicago City Colleges, Art Faculty Exhibit, Sears Tower. (group)

1978 “Chicago Self Portrait.” Nancy Lurie Gallery (group)

1978 “Archives. 5” X 7” exhibit from Name Gallery.” Museum of Contemporary Art; (group)

1978 Chicago City Colleges Art Faculty Show, Truman College (group)

1978 Hyde Park Art Center, Invitational Flower Show.

1976 Hyde Park Art Center’s Retrospective, Hyde Park Art Center.

1973 Le Chat Bernard Gallery, Chicago, IL

1972 Suburban Fine Arts Center, Invitational, Highland Park, IL

1968 Main Street Gallery, Five abstractionists

1967 Main Street Gallery, Chicago, IL

1966 Adelle Rosenberg Gallery (group)

1964 Bernard Horwitz Center, five artists

1963 “12 Chicago Artists,” McCormick Place (group)

1962 Joachim Gallery, Chicago, IL (five person exhibit)

1962 Joachim Gallery, Chicago, IL (group)

1962 Old Orchard Annual Art Festival Invitation.

1962 Adelle Rosenberg Gallery, Chicago, IL (group)

1961 Exhibit of Prize Winning Works from 64th Chicago and Vicinity Exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago, McCormick Place Art Gallery (group)

1961 Old Orchard Annual Art Festival; Honorable Mention (group)

1961 Prize Winning paintings and sculpture from the Old Orchard Annual Art Festival. Old Orchard Bank (group)

1961 Devorah Sherman Gallery, Chicago (group)

1960 Third Annual National Conference of Christians and Jews; Marshall Fields and Co., Chicago, IL (group)

1960 Art for Young Collectors, Devorah Sherman Gallery, Chicago (group)

1959- 1962 Art Sales and Rental Gallery, Art Institute of Chicago

1958 Art Institute of Chicago Vicinity Exhibit at Navy Pier (juried-selection)

Work Reproduced in Catalogues and other Publications:

2010 Sculpture Invasion, Chicago Sculpture International

1992 Sculpting Clay, Leon I. Nigrosh, p. 39. Davis Publ. Inc.

1989 Untitled #1 and Untitled #2 (drawings) The Creative Woman, Vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 13 and 17.

1989 Encyclopedia of Midwest Artists,

1987 “Venus #1, 1987. (sculpture) The Creative Woman, Vol. 9, no. 3, p. 31.

1986 Fetish Art, Obsessive Expressions, Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL

1984 “Artists by Number: Group Portrait of More than 150 Artists.” Chicago Magazine (May 8 issue), p. 170.

1983 “Sticks and Stones, 1962” and untitled,

1983. Chicago Artists: Continuity and Change, pp. 12-13. South Loop Planning Board (funded in part by the Illinois Arts Council and Borg Warner Corp.).

1983 “Goddess Unfolding, 1983” The Additive Process: Five Artists, [p. 5] Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

1978 Chicago Self Portrait. Nancy Lurie Gallery, Chicago, IL

1978 “Concentrics,” Evanston Art Center New Letter (Feb. issue) Vol. 7, no. 2

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